Shitlassian - name and shame

As of today - no apologies from the company, nobody ever contacted. Managers are still there, practices are still the same. Moreover, Atlassian decided to retaliate for publishing my story, they applied zero-bonus multiplier, so I didn't get any bonus for 2020-2021. They also refused to pay a referral fee of $5K (I invited a friend of mine to work for the company).

I made this website to share my story about getting terminated because of fighting cancer in Atlassian. Now it's the place where you can share your story. The process of spreading the word is ridiculously simple - you will need Notion and nothing else (see how to contribute below). You will own your story, and will be able to add updates it in a matter of seconds.

We offer a free link like or similar, so search engines can do their job. Also, this website is getting significant amount of traffic, and we share the tips how to spread the word about a toxic company.


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There has been no Shitlassian for other companies yet, Atlassian is the only Shitlassian at the moment.

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There should be a word for it

"Shitlassian" is a word/meme (noun or verb) that describes an action of employee disposal at the time of a struggle. It's similar to "throw under the bus", but with emphasis that the person tried his/her best to fight for his/her own life.

For example: - Hey Mike, what do you think about our employee who took too much of a medical leave? - Just shitlassian him Or: - I heard Joe got shitlassian treatment because he was sick for too long - Poor guy

Real world usage example:


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