How to spread the word

So you're willing to spread the word about toxic experience in your company. Good news is that software engineers and IT workers are actively like and promote posts about simple people like themselves.

There are few rules that will help you to get your post promoted:

  1. Have a link on this website, like - see "How to contribute" section. There are few reasons why you would do that: * Search engines are already aware of this website, and will like your post more * IT professionals and media folks have this website in their bookmarks * It's been proven that the website can handle a massive load when your posting gets traction
  2. Use simple words to tell your story. You don't have to be perfect and telling all the details. Focus on what's important if don't have too much time. The recipe is simple words + act fast. It's easier than making it 100% complete story and act slow. Remember that when your story gets published (you have a dedicated link on this website), you'll be able to add changes as you go.
  3. Once you have nice URL with your story, make a short version for each website you're contributing. I would start with Blind: * Write your own short version for Blind and post it there. You don't have to make it long, just few paragraphs and don't forget to say "If you're interested in more details, I put it all together at URL". Publish it under the "Tech industry", so everyone can read it. Not only the folks from your company. Keep it there for a day or two. There is a high chance folks will submit it everywhere else. * Learn your lesson, if your post doesn't get traction - you might want to put more details. * Submit a link to Hacker News the next day or in a couple of days. For example, this website has gotten 1400+ points and it generated lots of traffic and now everyone knows what Shitlassian is ;) * Submit the website to /r/cscareerquestions - but don't reuse the posting from Blind. For each social network (and sub-reddit) you might want to use new short version of your experience with the same ending "If you're interested in more details, I put it all together at URL". I would recommend to use the topic like "Name and shame: Atlassian, how I got terminated because"... Use "name and shame" part because it's how things work there. * Submit the website to r/programming using the same rules if you're a programmer. Unfortunately, moderators sometimes will prevent your topic from being visible on the top page. The Shitlassian story has been there only for 5 hours and then got blocked by moderators

If you have a tip, please reach out to shitlassian@protonmail

Advice to promoters:

  • Be humane - you're the human, not a corporation. So story should be truthful (should I even mention that?).
  • Do not spam too much. If you get blocked, that's okay. You will get some traffic from this website anyway.