How to contribute

Contributing to Shitlassian has never been easier 😉 We recommend to use Confluence Notion for the following reasons:

  • Quick edit from your desktop
  • Out of the box images, tables, markup, etc. support
  • Build-in sharing with URL functionality

How to create document in Notion:

  • Create an account or add new account. Keep in mind that if you use your real name for the account, Notion will reveal this name in the "page source" when you share. FYI, Notion allows you to easily navigate multiple accounts.
  • Create a page and start putting some information. Since you have full control over the page, you can start with a minimal story and update as you go. Keeping a log of updates is a good idea.
  • Click "Share" button at the top-right and copy the link:
  • Send the link to shitlassian at

Note that if you want to stay 100% anonymous you will have to use Tor, use anonymous email accounts, as well as Notion web client only (do not download Notion desktop app). Do not use any of these services without Tor (for example, Protonmail can reveal your IP address).

Your story will be published on the Shitlassian website after I receive and process your email, under a dedicated page, like You will still have the full control over your page, you can do edits and see live updates. If you'll ever decide to unpublish it, you can switch off "Share to web" button in your Notion client.